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Improving spoken English Language competency of employees in Rural BPO
Client: DesiCrew - a rural BPO, headquartered in Chennai and operating its services in rural Tamilnadu and Karnataka.
Background: As part of the effort to improve the spoken English language communication skills. DesiCrew wanted a comprehensive solution which will allow the employees to learn spoken English communication skills and to be assessed periodically for improvement.

Solution: Tara Learning Solution made available multimedia content online for the employees to login and learn from work or home. The content covered 50 lessons in ten modules of 5 lessons each taking the learner from basic spoken English language functions to more complicated functions of an intermediate language grade. Periodic testing was done by Tara Learning Solutions to measure the progress of the employees. Student usage was monitored and Tara Learning provided periodic reporting to the DesiCrew management on the usage of the solution by the employees.


  • Online solution provides 24/7 access, enabling the employees to learn at their convenience.
  • Multimedia content with animation provides visual context, allowing the students to easily understand the concept.
  • Interactive exercises embedded in the content allow students to practice skills.
  • Online testing allows students to measure improvement and also provide feedback to the management.