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Sarva Siksha Abiyaan

Introducing English to Rural Primary School Students
Client: Rajeev Vidya Mission (SSA), Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh
Background: Sarva Shikhsa Abhiyaan, Ananthapur wanted to improve the overall English Language skills of the primary schools students in the district.

Solution: Tara Learning Solutions did a baseline survey of the students and the teachers in the district to measure the competency and the requirement. The solution proposed was a series of 4 small publications called Steps to English, which progressively introduced the students to the English Language with the help of local contexts in Telugu. The students were also given a pocket sized Telugu to English dictionary with 500 words to improve the vocabulary of the students, and also encourage students to use English words in their day to day school and after school activities. The solution also included workshops to the teachers on how to effectively teach the developed courseware.


  • Improved English language pronunciation with the help of Telugu transliteration
  • Improved English language vocabulary with the help of the dictionary
  • Improved the comprehension skills due to contextual learning method
  • mproved reading skills due to the clarity of material
  • Improved English language teaching skills of the teachers